Relaxation therapy for removing fear and anxiety


There are generally three approaches available for relaxation and calming down which are muscular relaxation , breathing, meditation. Etc.by making yourself muscularly relaxed you can decrease your anxiety level. Muscular tension is removed by Hatha Yoga stretching exercises. You can remove the tension of your body muscles by aerobic exercise . sitting meditative postures are also help to reduce you anxiety and nervousness.
How Yoga Helps you?
Breathing play an important role in relaxing the body and mind. When your are tense and anxious your breathing is shallow , rapid and irregular . when mind is relaxed the breath rate is slow .Nadi shodan pranayama is said to be very effective fro reducing anxiety and bring balance to your nervous system. This pranayam will helpful in balancing components of your autonomous nervous system . holding your right nostril shut with the edge of your right thumb inhale to count of eight through the left nostril . the close your left nostril and take breath for a further count of eight. Release your thumb from right nostril and exhale to a count of sixteen , keeping your index finger on the left nostril. Then inhaling through right nostril .

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