The Guardian iPhone app sees 70k downloads but how will it pay its way in the future?


[UK] We knew it was sitting pretty at the top of the paid news chart in the UK but now The Guardian newspaper has revealed that its iPhone app has seen 70,000 downloads in its first month.

Initially launched on the 14th of December 2009 and available in the UK, Ireland and US, the app has since extended its distribution to also include most European countries, as well as Australia and Canada. With much wider circulation, expect sales (and revenue) to remain strong.

That said, the app represents a one-off payment and it’s not yet known how the newspaper plans to make revenue sustainable.

A quick back of the envelope calculation suggests that revenue generated by The Guardian’s iPhone app could be in the region of £117,110 in month one, based on the app selling for £2.39 – although pricing varies across currencies – and Apple taking its standard 30% cut.

We hear that the going rate for iPhone app development in the UK can be as little as £10,000, which if true would – superficially at least – present a very healthy margin.

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iPhone app proves users are willing to pay


UK's first official paid-for news application has been downloaded almost 70,000 times in its first month.Are people willing to pay for a news app on their iPhone? In the UK, news organisations have been sceptical, and offered their applications for free, among them Sky News, whose app launched in May and has just passed 1m downloads.

iPhone apps from the Financial Times, the Telegraph and the Independent are all free, with the Indy saying its application has been downloaded 59,000 times since its launch last August.

However, figures released today prove that iPhone users are willing to pay for the Guardian app: it has been downloaded almost 70,000 times in its first month, and is currently at number 26 in Apple's UK App Store chart.

Although it costs £2.39, it has been downloaded exactly 68,979 times since its launch on 14 December. It was originally only available in the UK, Ireland and the US, but now launched in most European countries, as well as Australia, Canada and the US.

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Smart Phone Applications Help Dieters Lose Weight


Lose It! allows users to set goals and establish a daily caloric budget. It also includes a food journal to help users stay on track through diet and exercise programs. It also provides them with a food and exercise database for planning. Lose It! will be available for free during the first six months of its release this month, according to the Web site. It has received positive reviews from users.
Check out this comment: "I love the interface of this-simple, clean, and attractive,'' a user writes on the forum. "I was happy that they responded to my comment and added yoga and Pilates to their exercise list. Really good calorie-counting app!''

Calorie Counter provides users with a guide for calorie and nutrition information, a barcode scanner for nutrition labels, a food diary to record calories burned, a weight chart and a journal to record progress, according to the Web site. The application also comes with a ready-made support group on the site.

Here is what one user has to say: "Hello everyone, I'm new and I was wondering if anyone knew [how] we can edit our activity because I really messed up and I can't reset it at all. Other than that, this app is awesome.''

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