Woman loses 85 pounds on Starbucks diet


Every coffee shop has its regulars. But 66-year-old Christine Hall calls Starbucks her second home. That's because Hall eats all of her meals there, and she said it's helped her to lose nearly 85 pounds in two years. "Losing weight is hard," Hall said. "But I realized I could do it. I found a system that worked." Hall said she lost all that weight by counting calories. Starbucks puts nutrition information on the labels of their packaged foods. That made it easy to keep track of exactly how much she was eating. "A lot of people look at the top shelf and they think its muffins and fattening things, but look down on the second shelf and there are really healthy choices," Hall said. So she starts her day with oatmeal and black coffee – a total of 145 calories. Lunch and dinner is a Panini or bistro box - depending on which kind, that's anywhere from 220 to 460 calories per meal. "To get the protein every now and then, I get the ham and cheese panini and that's 340 (calories)," Hall said. "If I go for a bike ride, I can come back and have a brownie." But registered dietitian Rebecca Scritchfield said Hall may have trouble maintaining her Starbucks diet.

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Snack Company Says It Lost $20 Million After Starbucks Allegedly Broke Contract


A snack company based in Carlsbad, Calif., is claiming Starbucks breached a contract with it, leading it to struggle financially.

Eleven shareholders of Mellace Family Brands (MFB), which produced Mama Mellace's Chocolate and Mama Mellace's Organics snacks, among others, filed a lawsuit last week against Starbucks Corporation, saying complaints from Starbucks about Mellace products were actually due to a gas leak at a Starbucks facility. The shareholders allege that because of Starbucks' breach of contract, the company has suffered damages "in an amount to be proved at trial including, but not limited to, costs of business improvement, ongoing lost business while operating and foreseeable lost future profits, all in an amount exceeding $20 million." Zack Hutson, spokesman for Starbucks Coffee Company, said the company had discontinued business with Mellace Family Brands due to "ongoing quality issues." Hutson said Starbucks chooses its suppliers, of which it has 14,000 globally, by inspecting their "quality, service and value." "We're committed to meeting and exceeding the high expectations of our customers," Hutson said.

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