Seaweed Fiber: The Newest Key to Weight Loss?


Most people identify seaweed with sushi, those delectable rolls of rice, vegetables, and seafood wrapped up in sheets of nori. Rich in calcium and magnesium, this marine algae is capable of so much more, not only in the food world, but in medicine, cosmetics and industrial products. The latest and greatest use of seaweed is the fibrous alginate extracted from sea kelp, which can be added to everyday products such as bread, and reduce fat absorption in the body by 75 percent. The findings, which came out of Newcastle University in the U.K., were presented this week at the American Chemical Society's spring meeting in San Francisco. The conference brings over 17,000 scientists and 12,000 reports on the latest in the fields of chemistry, medicine, health and food. Alginates are proving to be a boon to the weight management field. Research leader Dr. Iain Brownlee said, "This suggests that if we can add the natural fiber to products commonly eaten daily

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WAG Alex Curran is spotted with a box of 'dangerous' Sea Kelp diet pills


Keeping up appearances is high on the list of priorities for football WAGs, so it's unsurprising to see Steven Gerrard's wife Alex Curran carrying a box of Sea Kelp diet pills. However, the 27-year-old could be setting a bad example to young women by purchasing the pills which have been blasted by health experts.Alex was pictured leaving a health shop carrying the pills, after grabbing lunch at a Liverpool bistro. It is thought the tablets can be used to aid weight loss, but experts have warned against using them because of the lack of research into their long-term effects

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