The new Maemo 5 software in the Nokia N900 has some surprises, including Skype baked into the operating system. Sweet! This will allow you to make free calls using the uber-gadgety Nokia (News - Alert) N900.

What else is new? Well Maemo 5 will update over-the-air (OTA), so no more connecting to a PC just to do a software update. It also sports a 5MP camera with Carl Zeiss optics for a high-quality camera that iPhone (News - Alert) users could only dream about. You can also zoo, crop, remove red eye and more on the Nokia N900.

The Nokia N900 is Linux-based and so it feature a full-fledged browser that is more powerful than your typical mobile browser. For instance, it can play YouTube and other Flash videos in the webpage without having to launch a separate player like the iPhone has to do.

Within the Skype (News - Alert) application you'll notice that your Skype contacts appear with their online status in the Nokia N900 address book. You can call, or IM over 3G and WiFi. Previous calls and instant messages on Skype appear in your conversation history. Smilies and other emoticons are supported in IM.

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NOKIA N900 REVIEW (First Impressions)


Is there anyone out there who hasn’t heard about the Nokia N900? It would seem hard to think so, as this is one of the most discussed, dissected and overall, desired handset out there at the moment. We’ve been lucky enough to get our hands on one ahead of them hitting the streets. See how we got on with the Nokia N900 with our first impressions review of this tablet…

On first glance it would be hard to see why the Nokia N900 has truly caught the imagination of most people. After all, it’s a rather chunky device and the 3.5-inch touchscreen and slide-out QWERTY combo has been done before.

In a lot of respects, the Nokia N900 has a far more industrial feel to it than the Nokia N97 and Nokia N97 Mini, for instance. The keyboard slides out in a rather traditional way, rather than sitting on a spring loaded hinge.

However, fire up the Nokia N900 and start using the Maemo 5 operating system and any feelings about this handset being a little chunky, the screen not quite as advanced as we’d hoped melt away.

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Nokia N900 Hits Stores


Has Nokia finally figured out the formula for a successful Internet tablet-gadget-thing? We're about to find out, because Nokia just announced that the Maemo-powered Nokia N900 is now on sale in the U.S. and shipping to customers who pre-ordered the device.

Unlike Nokia's earlier efforts such as the N800 and N810, the N900 is roughly the size of a regular smartphone. It also actually makes cellular calls on T-Mobile's 3G network or AT&T's 2G EDGE network, instead of relying on Wi-Fi or WiMAX. The N900 offers the Linux-based, open-source Maemo OS, along with 32GB of internal storage, 3G connectivity, multitasking, and the ability to install third-party apps (commercial, homebrew, or otherwise).

The N900 also features a 3.5-inch touch screen, a full QWERTY keyboard, four customizable home screens, and Adobe Flash 9.4 support within the N900 Web browser.

Look for it in Nokia's flagship Chicago and New York stores for - hold onto your earmuffs - $649 unlocked. It's also available online at www.nokiausa.com and www.amazon.com. And if you grab one, let us know what you think of it in the comments.

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