Time to rethink fitness plan


The debate over causes and solutions for the national obesity problem is far from settled.Every day, news stories point accusingly to a different scapegoat - restaurants, sodas, food advertisements, video games, home computers and even sugar substitutes. Billions of dollars are spent annually on dieting and supplements but the rate of obesity continues to increase. Perhaps the most important piece of the puzzle is the physical inactivity that has become our way of life. Previous generations worked hard physically to wash clothing, heat their homes and get food on the table. We drive everywhere we go, and most of our daily chores are performed with little or no physical effort. A new study published recently in the Journal of the American Medical Association seems to add to the confusion about weight control and weight loss. The participants in this study were middle-aged women who reported one hour of exercise daily. They were able to maintain their weight or limit weight gain, but did not lose any weight with this level of activity.

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Weight loss requires 'one hour a day exercise'


A study has suggested that middle-aged women require around an hour's exercise a day in order to lose weight through exercise. Conducted by a team of researchers from the University of Harvard, the study looked at around 35,000 women over the course of 13 years. All of the women had an average diet, but their levels of physical activity varied. At the end of the study, those women who undertook an average of 60 minutes exercise a day were the ones who maintained a health body mass index of under 25. Steve Halsall, fitness expert from the Mirror.co.uk and fitness entrepreneur, said that while the hour a day result was "probably an accurate statement", it was still "a big ask" for people with busy lifestyles to fit in this much exercise. However, Mr Halsall added that, for those who are pushed for time, "mad cross training sessions" are a very effective form of weight loss exercise as they "hit calories and your metabolism further than anything else".

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