iOS 6 Beta Is Coming to WWDC 2012 — Can The iPhone 5 Launch With iOS 5.1?


Doubtless you’ve heard that iOS 6 beta is all but a lock for the WWDC this year, as reported by a bit of iCloud code recently unearthed by some folks over a 9to5Mac. For as much as the finding is pretty cool, I don’t think that this news should come as a surprise to anyone: Apple has kept the release of new iOS versions pretty consistent. Even last year, when the iPhone release cycle got a bit topsy-turvy, they still at least got the beta version of iOS 5 out for developers to test, all in anticipation for the fall-release iPhone 4S.
In previous years, developers got their hands on beta versions of the new iOS with ample time to test and peruse it so that the alpha version was ready for the WWDC. Thus, the new iPhone was able to ship with the new operating system. There has obviously been no public release of iOS 6 beta prior to the WWDC this year — no one has really seen it, apparently, since it most likely would have leaked — so, this means that the only way the iPhone 5 is coming in June is if ships in late June-early July with iOS 5.1, or maybe a 5.2 build.

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Is Apple's OS X Mountain Lion on Early-Release Track?


Apple may release OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion earlier than expected, according to a report by a popular blog and clues found within the release dates of the three developer previews of the new operating system.

On Tuesday, AppleInsider, citing an unnamed source, said that Apple's European arm was training new staff to answer queries about Mountain Lion. In the past, Apple has limited the training window, possibly to avoid leaks from the new staff about undisclosed features.

AppleInsider speculated that the staff hiring and training may mean Apple will debut Mountain Lion at its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), which opens June 11 in San Francisco.

The release dates for Mountain Lion's developer previews also may hint at early availability.

Apple has shipped three OS X 10.8 developer-only previews so far, on Feb. 16, March 16 and most recently, April 18.

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apple may finally be providing their own mapping solution in ios 6/


Apple has always included a version of Google Maps on their iOS products and for basic mapping and GPS needs it has been fine. However, Google Maps Navigation on Android blows it out of the water for actual navigation needs and I always found it odd that Apple hasn’t tried to beat Google in this area. There are excellent 3rd party applications that took on this role, but according to 9to5Mac it looks like Apple may finally be stepping up to the plate and launching their own mapping product in iOS 6.

This is still a rumor since we won’t hear about iOS 6 until the WWDC in June, but it makes perfect sense to me and the trusted sources 9to5Mac cites appear to have provided some solid information. It looks like the service will be similar to Google Maps, but with some advanced 3D functions thanks in large part to recent companies Apple purchased to develop their mapping solution.

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Apple iOS 6 dropping Google Maps at WWDC 2012?


For all of the amazing functionality and native features iOS offers its users, Google have always held one small element of Apple's mobile operating system at their mercy, Maps. Although Apple have designed the user interface to be distinctly iOS, since the birth of the iPhone, the native Maps application has relied on a Google backend to provide location services, route information and all of the geographical wizardry that comes with it. Come Apple's WWDC later this year however and all that will change. With the launch of iOS 6, Apple may well leave behind their reliance on Google services and bring the mapping capabilities of iOS in-house.

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