iPhone 2010 to have Samsung Super AMOLED, forward facing camera?


Samsung at the Mobile World Congress this week showed for the first time their Super active-matrix organic light-emitting diode display (Super AMOLED). The display is five times clearer and offers 20% visibility outdoors in the sun, but does it offer enough power savings for the iPhone 4G?, Apple did not use OLEDs in the iPhone 3G because of its heavy power consumption when browsing the web or checking emails, according to sources of OLED-Display.net. Apple has a longstanding arrangement with LG Display, but there is no OLED type of displays suitable for the iPhone 4G currently being manufactured by the company. Samsung is the only contender with a display capable enough to be used in an Apple product, when considering the large production and quality control involved. Just announced was the Samsung Halo phone using the Super AMOLED display in question, it’s a 3.7-inch WVGA (800×480) screen very suitable for an iPhone. In our interview with Rapid Repair on the iPhone 4g, Aaron Vronko Service Manager believes Apple would choose the next-generation of Samsung display technology, one of the deciding factors would be the increase in size and a 25% brighter screen.

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New iPhone 4G 2010: Specs, Release Date, Verizon and more


So the next big thing with Apple should be the iPhone 4G 2010 , everyone is expecting it to happen all that really remains is basically the when and what will iPhone 4G 2010 bring to the game. We have seen numerous unconfirmed rumours on when iPhone 4G 2010 will surface and what it will pack.

The latest of said rumours is that iPhone 4G 2010 will bring with it several features seen on the Apple iPad such as a larger display, an OLED display, better processor, better WiFi, and maybe even video conferencing.

Previous iPhone 4G 2010 rumours hit on a removable battery which no doubt would please the iPhone masses. Lately we’ve even seen the iPhone 4G 2010 codename being outed as the N89, and that Pegatron has now joined Apple as a partner.

The much debated iPhone 4G 2010 release date caused much excitement not too long ago when it was rumoured the next generation iPhone could be released as soon as April, then it was May, but really it will probably be Apple’s more traditional iPhone release date of mid summer.

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5 Things The iPhone 4G Will Inherit From Apple iPad


The iPad has been launched last week and already, we can expect Apple to look forward to the next massive product launch, the one that will come in June (or July) and which will see the launch of the device is commonly known as the iPhone 4G. And one can be sure that there will be some aspects of the iPad that will trickle down to the iPhone 4G especially as Apple's tablet was given some very special treatment by the engineers at the Cupertino-based company. Here are the five iPad technologies which we think will be adopted by the iPhone 4G when it is launched later this year. (1) A Large Screen The Apple iPhone 3GS kept the same screen size (3.5-inch) as the two previous generations. We can't help but believe that Apple will this time, slightly bump the screen size of its smartphone to match the screen size of its contemporary competitors (like the 4.3-inch size of the HTC Touch HD). We expect it to be at least 4-inch in diagonal). But then, Apple might have to make the iPhone screen more "square" to accommodate for the 4:3 screen size format of the iPad or require that developers do some serious tweaking to their apps

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New iPhone 4G in 2010: All cell carriers may stock new phone


The new iPhone 4G in 2010 may not follow the same practices that past Apple iPhones followed, this includes the amount of cell carriers you can buy the device on. Business Week are reporting that the iPhone could release on “all U.S. wireless carriers” within the next 18-months.

Following on from Apple’s latest financial results that were extremely impressive, an analyst – Tim Horan at Oppenheimer & Co – believes we could see Apple double or triple the number of iPhones sold over the next 18-months, if they open the device up to all wireless carriers in the United States.

Horan said that Clearwire Corp. should get the iPhone in 2011, Sprint Nextel Corp. and Verizon Wireless in the fall 2010, and T-Mobile USA Inc. as soon as summer 2010. He believes that AT&T’s iPhone exclusivity will end around “mid-2010”.

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iPhone 4G To Feature Touch Sensitive Casing?


It seems the rumors surrounding Apple products just won’t stop. Most of the rumors surround Apple’s upcoming tablet or iPhone 4G, and that date, it’s the iPhone 4G. The latest rumor hints that Apple might be working some of its magic on the iPhone’s casing, possibly giving it a touch-sensitive case, similar to the case that the Apple Magic Mouse has. It will certainly be an interesting whether that is true, though it does build you wonder what will happen to the sales of those third-party iPhone protector casings, wouldn’t they end up preventing the touch-sensitive casing from being used?

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iPhone 4G Rumors Heat Up


It's been less than a year since the iPhone 3GS launched, and the rumor mill is already churning out speculation about an upcoming iPhone 4G, expected as early as May.

New rumors have been circulating over the past couple of days, saying a new Apple iPhone 4G will be available by June, or even as early as May. Besides the earlier-than-expected launch date (new iPhone models traditionally come out in June or July), potential new features are in discussion as well, such as a better camera, an OLED screen, a removable battery, and different casing.
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A Bloomberg/BusinessWeek report quotes an analyst from the Goldman Sachs Group saying the iPhone 4G would have a better camera than the 3-megapixel shooter found on the iPhone 3GS. The iPhone 4G's camera could offer up to 5 megapixels, which would put it on the par with the camera in Google's Nexus One.

The story also speculates that Apple is working on an updated version of the iPhone OS with an overhauled App Store.

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