The Two Essential Pillars of Yoga


Sutra 1:12. Their suppression [is brought about] by persistent practice [abhyasa] and non-attachment [vairagya]. Two things are needed for the ending of mental modifications. One is abhyasa–sustained spiritual practice. This is why Krishna speaks of abhyasa yoga. The other is purely psychological: vairagya. A Brief Sanskrit Glossary defines vairagya as: “Non-attachment; detachment; dispassion; absence of desire; disinterest; or indifference. Indifference towards and disgust for all worldly things and enjoyments.”

Sutra 1:13. Abhyasa is the effort for being firmly established in that state [of chitta-vritti-nirodha].

Jnaneshwara expands on this, saying: “Abhyasa means choosing, applying the effort, and doing those actions that bring a stable and tranquil state.” Shankara simply says that abhyasa consists of the observance of yama and niyama, which are to be discussed later on.

Sutra 1:14. It [abhyasa] becomes firmly grounded on being continued for a long time, without interruption and with reverent devotion.

Vyasa: “Carried through with austerity, with brahmacharya, with knowledge and with faith, in reverence it becomes firmly grounded.”

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Shed Pounds With Yoga


Yoga is one way to stay fit that’s absolutely at par with all the other traditional forms of workout. Most of the celebs as well as common folks who are concerned about their health prefer yoga to any other form of fitness exercise. Let’s take a look at how yoga could help you overcome excessive weight.

Just like the majority of the other kinds of workout yoga has proven effects when it comes to losing pounds. It could lead to permanent weight loss.However, it’s not just weight loss that yoga helps with. Its several advantages extent much beyond that.

The case with most of the different types of workout is that after you lose weight, you’ve got to come across sagging skin that appears as a result of weight loss. But with yoga, such is not the case. Yoga not only helps you shed the pounds but it also tones your body along with it. Moreover, people of all age groups can practice yoga and keep their body fit through it.

If you are looking for the perfect way to Shed Pounds then you must try using Caralluma Burn Appetite Suppressants.

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I Love Hot Yoga!


Or so the sign told me, Saturday morning...

There I was, in Seattle, staying with friends. One of them had signed up for ten tryout sessions of hot yoga. Another friend of ours has been loving hot yoga in Spokane, so I said what the heck, I'll give it a try. It can't be worse than regular yoga. Can it?

I've always hated yoga. I know a lot of people who love it, and feel like they can disappear into it. Apparently I need more activity to disappear in to that sort of zen state. Like soccer. When I play soccer, I don't remember the game afterwards. I'm just gone, in the moment. Yoga, though - between the challenging poses and the lack of movement overall, I find I spend the time annoyed and preoccupied with my when-I-get-out-of-here to-do list.

But hot yoga is supposed to change all that. It works by pouring hot air/steam into the room where you do yoga moves with the lights dimmed. The heat is supposed to "detoxify" - their word, not mine. Sort of like a sauna.

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Bikram Yoga - A Different Kind of Yoga


Also known as Hot Yoga, Bikram Yoga uses different principles that some practitioners described as being too authoritative, even "tyrannical". While discarded by some, Bikram Yoga has also been embraced by many and successfully used for weight loss (and other physical/emotional issues). Bikram Yoga requires instructor supervision at all times.

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Yoga Practice Enhances Life with Disability


BellaOnline's Disabilities Editor Yoga, an ancient Indian practice which involves moving the body and training the mind to achieve balance and well-being, can be beneficial for individuals with disabilities or chronic health conditions through both physical postures, meditative visualizations and breathwork. It is an Eastern form of relaxation and exercise that has become increasingly popular in various forms here in the West.
If you are not comfortable with yoga, explore other mind and body-linked practices such as meditation or Tai Chi. The most important thing is to begin connecting your mind and body in whatever way works best for you and your disability's challenges.
As for yoga, each pose can be modified or adapted to meet the needs of the student. Yoga postures can be performed while seated in a chair or wheelchair. Look up yoga studios and practitioners in your area, as well as call your rehabilitation centers to see if they incorporate yoga in their work. You might be surprised what's out there for you.

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The Similarities and Differences Of Pilates And Yoga


You can barely turn on the TV nowadays without hearing about Pilates or Yoga. When you take up a magazine, you are bound to find articles about these two exercise methods and it seems like everyone is doing either one or the other. What is all of the excitement about? Why are these techniques so special? What are the differences and similarities between Pilates and Yoga?

Yoga aims to unite the body, mind, and spirit. The person who aspires to do Yoga views that the body and mind are one. They believe that if the body is given the right tools and is taken to the proper environment then the body can find harmony and will be able to heal itself. Yoga is considered to be therapeutic. You will have a heightened awareness of your body’s alignment, posture, and patterns of movement. Yoga tends to make your body more flexible and it will help you to relax even if you are in the middle of a stress stricken environment. Therefore, one of the most important reasons as to why people start practicing Yoga is that they want to feel more energetic, be more happy, feel more fit and be at peace.

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