New Apple iPod Nano, Touch, Classic And Shuffle Announced


Last week we brought you the rumours surrounding the much anticipated Apple iPod event taglined “It’s only rock and roll, but we like it”, and today 09/09/09 we finally found out what what they were planning – and as it turns out we were half right!

Although the rock-and-roll quote and the fact that the date that coincided with the release of Beatles: Rock Band were red herrings, not only were the rumors about the camera true, but the additions to the iPod Touch and general software updates were also well predicted. So, with the Nano, Touch, Shuffle and Classic being changed here’s a quick overview of them all.
iPod Nano

So, first things first, the news you’ve all been waiting for: the iPod Nano now comes with an FM radio. Oh and it has a camera as well! However you may be surprised to know that despite the fact that the camera can record in 640×480 you cannot take still photos, and will have to use iMovie to extract any static images you want.

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iPod Nano iPod Touch with Cameras


…. both the iPod nano and iPod touch will receive cameras. He believes the new iPod touch will have the same RAM and processor speed as the iPhone 3GS, and the new media player will sell in capacities of 16GB, 32GB and 64GB at prices of $199, $299 and $399, respectively. He also said that the hard drive-based iPod classic will remain, likely with a 160GB capacity for $249.

Gruber admitted that he has heard “very little” prior to Wednesday’s event in San Francisco, reaffirming reports that a veil of secrecy returned when co-founder Steve Jobs returned to work at Apple. And all of what he’s confirmed, including the addition of cameras to the iPod touch and iPod nano, was known months ago.

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Apple Cuts Prices on Existing iPods


Prior to Apple’s “It’s Only Rock and Roll” event Apple’s online store went down and when it returned there were lower prices on all existing iPods, except for the shuffle.

* The iPod touch: 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB are now $189, $249, and $279 respectively.
* The iPod nano: 8GB and 16GB are now $129 and $149 respectively.
* The iPod classic is now $229.

This lends some credibility to reports from HardMac earlier this week saying that the iPod touch may be delayed.

Whether the new iPods are delayed or not, I’d wait to see what Apple announces at the event.

Apple slashes iPod prices up to $120 – Apple 2.0 – Fortune Brainstorm Tech.

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Apple’s part numbers reveals new iPod classic, nano, and shuffle


There are no capacity increase for the iPod nano or shuffle, but the iPod classic will bump up to 160GB from 120GB which will be great :) There are no word on the iPod Touch yet.

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The Incredible Shrinking iPod Prices Undercut The Zune HD


We’re still hours away from Apple’s event today in San Francisco, but that apparently hasn’t stopped the company from releasing some changes in its own store. The main thing to note is the prices of the various iPod lines, especially the iPod touch.

Yesterday, a 32 GB iPod touch was $399. Today? $279. Yesterday, a 16 GB version was $299. Today? $249. The 8 GB one is now only $189, down from $229. The nanos are falling as well, with the 16 GB version now only $149, and the 8 GB only $129, down from $199 and $149, respectively. The iPod classic has seen a $20 price cut.

These price cuts were, of course, expected, and very likely point to a new 64 GB iPod touch being unveiled tomorrow in the $399 price point. Significantly, this means that the iPod touch is now cheaper than the high-end Zune HD, set to be released next week. The 32 GB Zune HD will be $289.99, roughly $10 more expensive than the 32 GB iPod touch, now.

The 16 GB iPod touch will still apparently be $30 more than the comparable Zune, but for once, Apple can claim a victory on the high-end price point.

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