Why You're Unlikely to See FarmVille on Xbox Live


Zynga explains why its games wouldn't work as well on Xbox Live as they do on Facebook. Angry Birds was a massive success on iOS, so Rovio is doing what it can to get the game on as many platforms as possible. Zynga's line of social networking games, like FarmVille and CityVille, dominate Facebook, so one might expect those games to start showing up on more platforms. But there's a key difference about what makes those games work and why that makes it unlikely that they'll be showing up on Xbox Live or PlayStation Network anytime soon. Microsoft announced earlier this year that Xbox Live has surpassed 30 million members. Facebook, on the other hand, claims that it has more than 500 million active users. Even if all 30 million Xbox Live users were Gold subscribers, that's still only 6% of the potential user base on Facebook. And the magic in Zynga's games is getting friends and family to see what it is you've been doing in them. "We're after a lot of demographic," Zynga chief game designer Brian Reynolds explained to IndustryGamers.

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Fan Cow FarmVille farmville facebook farmville cheats facebook farmville play farmv


only fans of cows are eligible to purchase this special animal. The more fans, the cheaper it will become. At 3.000.000 fans, the cow will be available for coins !, The Cows were victorious in the Battle of the Barnyard ! As promised, a new Cow is now available in the Market for users who are Fans of the FarmVille Cows Fan Page. The Fan Cow can be purchased for 12 Farm Cash from the Market. The more fans the Cows get, the cheaper the cow will become! If the Cows manage to get 3 million fans, the cow will be released for coins !, how to unlocked the fan cow on farmville ? to unlock fan cow you will need to become fan for the cow fan page. If you wish to become a fan of the FarmVille cows to gain access to the new bovine, click FarmVille Cows Fan Page. i already become a fan for the cows but why it still locked ? please note that it may take up to 24 hours after you become a fan for the cow to be unlocked in the market.

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For All Who Are Interested To Learn Mafia Wars Secrets To Dominate Mafia Wars...


Being a die-hard fan of the Mafia Wars, I've explored many forms of effective Mafia Wars secrets. Like many other Mafia Wars players, my goals are to be unbeatable, rich and powerful. I know that many are searching for Mafia Wars cheats in order to dominate this amazing game, and with the right methods and tactics you can grow your mafia family very quickly, make money like lightning and become the don of the family in no time. After much research, I can say that some tips and skills can be easily found online in forums or blogs, however, what most people would like to learn are deadly strategies that will bring you countless of victories after victories. In other words, be UNSTOPPABLE!

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FarmVille Super Bowl items make a comeback this weekend


As the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Green Bay Packers go head-to-head in Super Bowl XLV this weekend, FarmVille will be celebrating by re-releasing its limited edition 'Farm Bowl' items over the weekend, according to FarmVille Freak. There's no word on whether all of last year's items will make a return, but we're voting for another appearance by the FarmVille Referee Cow, which was an adoptable animal, and the two cheerleading chickens, Joy and Cheer. Also looking forward to fans using their farms to craft an homage to their favorite teams. Check out some of our favorite Super Bowl farm art from last year in the gallery

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FarmVille Super Bowl Theme Returns: Cow Referee


FarmVille Super Bowl Theme Items to Return for Super Bowl XLV. FarmVille fans, rejoice, at least if you're also football fans. FarmVille is re-releasing its Limited Edition Super Bowl themed items in time for the big game. This means that it's the Slightly Less Limited Edition.

The Farm Bowl 2010 theme was really popular, and Zynga is hoping that 2011 will follow suit. Some of the Farm Bowl/Super Bowl items are fairly interchangeable, such as the Cow Referee, Cow Kicker, and Goal Post; team flags would have to be changed to represent the Packers and the Steelers. Also, the Chicken Cheerleaders may have to sit this one out, as neither the Steelers nor the Packers have real-life cheerleaders. However, they have Wiz Khalifa and Lil Wayne, respectively.

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Eating the Brewfest Diet in World of Warcraft


Like many of the events that take place in World of Warcraft, Brewfest has a number of achievements that players can earn while the fest is going on. However, there are some achievements like Direbrewfest that require the players to overpower elite enemies that are living in dungeons while the event the going one. While others are just simple tasks that players have to perform.

When it comes to Brewfest Diet achievement, it is considered a simple task or giveaway wherein a high level character who has little World of Warcraft gold to spend can do this task in just a few minutes. Here the player has to sample all the food offered at the Brewfest, primarily at the Alliance or Horde Beer Gardens.

Lower level players will find it difficult to reach Brewfest Diet. Basically players have to be at a certain level before they can eat meals. Nonetheless, the Essential Brewfest Pretzel and Succulent Sausage can be eaten by any level of player; the Golden Link can be eaten only by players who have reached level 65 and above, and it restores 7,500 health in 30 seconds.

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