First The Muppets, Now Disney To Buy Marvel Comics


I grew up on the Muppet Show – a racy, double entendre fest rife with creativity, edge and cunning that strongly informed and influenced my formative mind. Then Disney bought it and when I went to the Muppets show at EPCOT center in Florida I saw a cleaned up, white-washed version that had none of the snags or trickery that had provided me with skepticism, cultural awareness or linguistic sleight of hand with which I had grown up.

Now the monster Mouse Corp is set to take over Marvel Comics – and seeing as I worked as an actor in the very edgy and first Marvel Knights title Punisher: War Zone, I can only wonder what the PTA mop that is Disney will do to the comics company.

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Acropolis Museum Walk Through


After crossing the ground floor lobby towards the turn styles of the Museum, the first collection lies before the visitor.
An ascending, wide glass-floored gallery presents finds from the slopes of the Acropolis. On the left hand side, finds from some of the key sanctuaries of the slopes are exhibited. On the right hand side, finds from the smaller sanctuaries and the settlements that developed on the slopes of the Hill are displayed. Unique vases from the Sanctuary of Nymphe, the relief of Telemachos, theatrical masks and the treasure of Aphrodite amongst many other exhibits, provide a fascinating introduction to the larger sanctuaries and the ceremonies associated with them in antiquity.

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