Sarah Palin: US Troops Must be Second to None


Can’t wait to meet our troops – and all those who love the U.S. Armed Forces – today at Ft. Bragg. Read my book’s dedication page. The book is for these Patriots who fight for freedom. They deserve our support and our government’s unwavering commitment to equipping them for victory.

The book tour is beyond all expectations. This feels like the time when a team comes together, gearing up before a major competition to show unity and supply strength and encouragement to each team member equally, regardless of the team member’s role or title.

On this tour I hear the grave concerns Americans have for our children’s future. I also feel the hope so many of you want to cling to – hope for those on Capitol Hill to see the light, hope for politicians to be humble enough to acknowledge that growing the federal government isn’t the answer to our economic challenges, hope that it won’t take another terrorist strike to wake us up to continued threats by those who hate America and our allies.

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2012 Doomsday Movie: World end’s and history


Yesterday we spoke a little about the 2012 End of the World Movie Trailer, which is directed by the king of the disaster movies, Roland Emmerich. It is always hard to know how good a film like this will be, but the trailer certainly makes the new movie look promising. There is something different with 2010 from The Day After Tomorrow though, and that is that 2012 is based on a true prediction of the world’s end. John Cusack, Danny Glover, Woody Harrelson and Thandie Newton all star in the new movie. 2012 is a doomsday prediction; it is thought that a series of cataclysmic and apocalyptic events will take place on December 21, 2012. There have been a number of prophecies, assorted legends, numerological constructions, and numerological constructions that all come up with this same 2012 date for the end of the world.

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