iPhone 4 jailbreak unlocks FaceTime via 3G and a malicious exploit


News of a successful and easy-to-apply jailbreak for the iPhone 4 and other iOS devices lit up the Internet, followed quickly by news of patches for broken functionality, FaceTime calling over 3G, and a malicious exploit with an opponent named Warner. Kicking things off was the launch of JailbreakMe.com (via Engadget), a website that jailbreaks (unlocks root access) to your iDevice up to the iPhone 4 running the latest version of iOS. I don’t know exactly how it works, but it all happens through the Safari web browser, which means exploiting a security flaw to initiate the process. You do risk bricking your iDevice and/or voiding your warranty with a jailbreak, not to mention leaving your device vulnerable if you don’t change the root password. There’s no longer a law against jailbreaking your iPhone, but that doesn’t eliminate all the risks involved. If all that raises a red flag for you, good. I really don’t advocate any hacking that’s beyond your ability to understand, so just make sure you’re cool with everything good and bad before taking the plunge. On the good side of things, jailbreaking your iPhone 4 enables FaceTime calls over 3G using an app called My3G.

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iPhone 4 jailbreak unlocks FaceTime via 3G and a malicious exploit