What Apple's Mobile Plans Means for SEO


Apple plans to launch a new mobile ad platform this week could complicate search engine marketers' efforts to integrate mobile search into their operations. It could also, though, deliver more targeted campaigns for clients, depending on how rich a data store Apple has compiled from iTunes and the App Store. No details have been released about the new mobile ad system, though some speculation has it that Apple may offer hypertargeting capabilities which would allow advertisers to target consumers based on their geographic proximity to specific locations, which could lead to location-based advertising beyond what is possible now. At the same time, Apple will be going head-to-head with Google's mobile offerings on the Android platform. For search engine marketers and their efforts to incorporate mobile into the mix, that spells complications. Certainly it will require dual approaches until one platform becomes the obvious dominant one.

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What Apple's Mobile Plans Means for SEO celebrities stalker