Using SEO and Social Media to Turbo Charge Your IT Job Search


It's not enough to send resumes out in response to help wanted ads in your search for a new IT job. Smart candidates looking to move up and find new positions with career advancement potential are turning to web publishing tricks to bring recruiters and hiring managers to them. Here's how to use SEO and social media to bring employers and recruiters to your doorstep. The IT job market has changed, and IT job seekers who can use SEO tactics to attract the types of employers they want to work for are bound to achieve better and quicker success than those who rely solely on traditional means of job hunting. The key to finding the right job today is knowing how to bring employers to the job seeker rather than the job hunter going to the employer, according to David Perry, co-author of Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters 2.0 and co-founder of management consulting firm Perry-Martel International. It's all about leaving digital bread crumbs, he said. In other words, a job hunter should be active online in the right places and know how to lead employers looking for talent to them. “These days, instead of running ads to find potential candidates or networking

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Using SEO and Social Media to Turbo Charge Your IT Job Search celebrities stalker