Skype on iPhone: Does it Save Money?


Sticking it to The Man just got a little easier with Skype for iPhone's addition of multitasking support and elimination of plans to charge for calls over 3G. But can the ability to receive Skype calls any time really save you money? Let's look at the numbers and find out. For People Who Don't Talk Much: AT&T won't let you get an iPhone data plan without voice minutes, so at the very least, you've got to pay $40 per month for 450 minutes. If you're not routinely talking for longer than that, Skype probably won't help you. Still, consider having long phone conversations over Skype just to reduce the chances of going over 450 minutes. This will help you collect rollover minutes as well. For People Who Talk a Lot Things get interesting when you regularly exceed 450 minutes per month. To truly replace your expensive voice plan, you'll need both a Skype subscription and an online number (formerly SkypeIn), which any phone can call. A subscription for unlimited U.S. and Canada Skype calls costs $3 per month, and the number costs $12 for three months after a 33 percent discount for having a subscription.

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Skype on iPhone: Does it Save Money? celebrities stalker