My makeshift 3G iPad


Since getting the Wi-Fi only version of the Apple iPad, I've been using it in two main locations - at home and at work, which both have very good Wi-Fi connections and a higher-speed backhaul. That changes today, as I'm heading to New York for a quick trip, and I wanted to see how the experience would be away from those two safe confines. For the 3G connection, I'm using the Novatel Wireless MiFi device, which has a Verizon Wireless 3G connection, and then I Wi-Fi (can I use Wi-Fi as a verb?) into that with the iPad. In testing with the free SpeedTest X iPad app, I achieved about 1 Mbps of download speed with the MiFi. Not bad for mobile broadband, but what of the iPad experience? My first stop was the Netflix app, which streamed a TV show in my Instant queue quite nicely. Netflix recently updated its app for 3G streaming, so if you had an earlier version, make sure you update it. The ABC Player app also streamed TV shows over the 3G connection, but it seemed to throttle down the resolution on the video in order to use the smaller pipe. The only trouble I had with streaming video was with the YouTube app

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My makeshift 3G iPad celebrities stalker