'JailbreakMe' on iPhone 4 may leave security hole


JailbreakMe' if used on your iPhone 4 may leave a security hole. If 'JailbreakMe' is used to jailbreak your iPhone 4, it could enable programmers to get a hold of your iPhone's contact and other information. It is done through the PDS exploit. intomobile.com reports a plug-in is being created called 'PDF Loading Warner' to tackle the security risk. It will be released in a few days. If you have used 'JailbreakMe' on your iPhone 4, the 'PDF Loading Warner' will display a PDF Warner message when you come upon a website where the PDF is not supposed to load. You can click on the cancel button it will display to block the PDF from loading. Even though jailbreaking and rooting are legal just remember it will void your warranty if you do it. Having someone use 'JailbreakMe' to jailbreak your iPhone 4 will cost money as well. Protect your information, don't use 'JailbreakMe' to jailbreak your iPhone 4! . There are a lot of iPhone 4 lovers in San Francisco and most have said they would never use 'JailbreakMe' when there is a chance of a security hole. Most would agree!

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'JailbreakMe' on iPhone 4 may leave security hole celebrities stalker