Is This “Just” Another Arbitrage Opportunity?


I love organic search. The idea of building up from nothing to create something which is fairly sustainable and eventually has its own momentum behind it is an awesome feeling. But you have to start somewhere. Adding value is a great thing to say, but the phrase is often meaningless. Even if you do something that adds value to the web then many people will start cloning it right away, and if they have more distribution than you do, they will take ownership of your idea. This can even happen to established reputable webmasters with a decade of experience! If your goal is to keep adding value and hope that someone eventually notices, you are probably in for a sad surprise. More likely than not the person who notices and cares the most will compete against you. The business world is full of fake investors, fake friends, fake partners, and publicity stunts. That perhaps sounds cynical, but it is a reflection of how the web works. In other words, creating value by itself is a hollow and pointless process. What you really want to create is profits.

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Is This “Just” Another Arbitrage Opportunity? celebrities stalker