Google Universal Search: A Mystery and Some History


Managing Digital Assets To Manipulate Universal Search SERPs. The Google Universal SERP mystery begins with what triggers a Universal SERP and ends with the media/content displayed, information types and vertical searches that make up the SERP. To some extent the mystery can be solved by Digital Asset Managers looking at the evolution of the Google Universal Search SERPs. Universal Search: The Mystery in Google SERPs. The evolution started November 2003 with the infamous Florida index refresh which began a transformation to a more behavioral centric user intent aware SERP from a textual relevance centric algorithm. This likely included "labeling" query spaces, IMO, this might have also included a label/algo addition for transactional/informational searches ie: behavioral in basis. Context Aware Query Classification is a post I did on research that Microsoft did and I felt was close to a reverse engineering of what Google did with Florida update. Webmasterworld thread indicates GBase was at the top of the SERPs in April 2006, however I recall that in or about the fall of 2005 Froogle results were in the SERPs.

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Google Universal Search: A Mystery and Some History celebrities stalker