Google TV Emphasizes SEO Importance


Yesterday Google TV was officially unveiled at its I/O conference with a live demonstration in front of an audience. The device isn’t designed to replace your cable or satellite box, its aim is to allow web content and television content to be viewed side-by-side from the same interface. This means that your website will be viewable from your TV with the use of Google TV, targeting a whole new type of audience. To get the website to display properly on TV’s it must be designed to display and work properly, this is possible with the posted guidelines by Google themselves. Websites must be simple, easy to navigate, designed for big screens, full of content, contain media such as music and can even contain Flash. So why is this relevant to search engine optimisation (SEO) and why does it emphasize its importance? From a personal point of view I believe SEO is going to be needed more than ever now the web is going to be available instantly through your TV. For example, your watching TV when suddenly an advert appears that takes your fancy, by being able to search for websites relevant to the adverts industry instantly you will be able to find what you want before you forget.

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Google TV Emphasizes SEO Importance celebrities stalker