Apple Releases 2TB Time Capsule and Reduces Price of 1TB Model


Apple has launched the 2TB (that is 2 terabytes which is 2000 gigabytes) version of its wireless network backup solution Time Capsule. At the same time it has lowered the price of its 1TB model. The Time Capsule is the hardware companion of Time Machine, the excellent automatic backup solution built in to Leopard (OS X 10.5). With Time Machine you assign a backup device either a local external hard drive (connected via USB or FireWire) or a wireless Time Capsule device. Then you tell Time Machine which folders you want backed up and turn it on. Then in the back ground Time Machine will make backups of those folders to the Time Capsule. But the great thing is that the backups are historical in that if you want a version of a file from July 4th then you can fly back in time in the Time Machine and get the version of that file for that day!

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Apple Releases 2TB Time Capsule and Reduces Price of 1TB Model celebrities stalker