Jennifer Barsamian: The power of hello


There are over 12 languages spoken at the Avery School, according to the last count done in the fall of 2009. A lot of Dedham’s students are going home and speaking another language and there is a lot of research out there that proves this is a good thing. According to the Center for Applied Linguistics, children raised bilingually are often more creative and better at problem solving. They have also proven to outperform kids that are raised with just one language in standardized tests. Bilingualism is something to celebrate. Learning a language opens up our worlds.Related Topics: spanish,lingolex spanish,spanish vocabulary,spanish grammar,spanish pronunciation,spanish verb conjugation,spanish estar,irregular verbs spanish,speak spanish,learn spanish,free spanish lessons,learn spanish games,learn conversational spanish,spanish translation Learn Spanish

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Jennifer Barsamian: The power of hello