Facebook and Other Social Media Networks Found Sending Data to Advertisers


If you’ve been following the Facebook scandals they sure seem to be racking up these past few weeks. All of which have really started to make me ponder whether or not to strip down my account to the minimum or delete the entire thing. Earlier today the Wall Street Journal reported that Facebook, Myspace, and other Social Media sites were sending data, specific user data, to the likes of Double Click, owned by Google, and Right Media, owned by Yahoo!. Alright now, truth be told, Google and Yahoo already know quite a bit about us, however, the fact is what the Social Media sites are doing is just down right wrong. The identifiable information can be traced right back to your own user account. This potentially gives advertisers the ability to find out your real name, age, contact details, and those pictures from last nights bar outing. Facebook was reported to be the worst of the bunch, going as far as sending your actual name to advertisers directly. MySpace, Hi5, Digg, Xanga and Live Journal said they only transmit user ID’s which are not as personally identifiable (ooook?) because they don’t require you to enter your real name.

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Facebook and Other Social Media Networks Found Sending Data to Advertisers celebrities stalker