UBS to Give 4,450 Names to U.S. IRS


You Know What Really Grinds My Gears? Uber wealthy people whom can afford taxes but don't want to pay them and try very intricate tricky loopholes to make sure they can get away with it. See here - UBS To Give 4,450 Names to U.S. and Names Deal Cracks Swiss Bank Secrecy

I applaud the Swiss and U.S. governments for making this happen. I pay my taxes, sure I don't want to like anyone else but it is part of life and it is for the good of our country and your fellow citizens. These wealthy folk whom have more than most, the top 1-5% of the population are the scumbags who try every scheme or loophole their attorney/tax account can find. Now to be fair the loopholes were there so why not as it's legal or so it may have been at one time.

In this case it is blatant tax evasion for people who could more then afford it. As is with many Americans it is people living beyond their means and so they figure I want to live a certain way so I will get away with all these tax breaks by hiding money or fake accounts etc. No more, you folks should have been paying and will now pay like the rest of us.

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UBS to Give 4,450 Names to U.S. IRS celebrities stalker