Weight Loss: It's a Family Affair


The Dos and Don'ts for healthy family snacking.
Unfortunately, as more children join their parents on the overweight and obesity list, weight management is becoming a family affair. Hectic lifestyles are partially to blame for the obesity epidemic in America. Busy schedules leave little or no time to prepare healthy meals, which is one reason why American families are eating more processed, high fat, no nutrition convenience foods. And snacking is one of the main contributors to this problem.

However, snacking can be healthy and require very little effort. You just need to know what your choices are. Here are some healthy snacking alternatives the whole family can enjoy.


1. No weight-conscious family can ever go wrong with fresh fruits and vegetables at snack time. Not only do they taste good, they're full of vitamins and minerals. In addition, the sweet taste of many fruits can curb cravings for sugary snacks like candy.

2. Choose whole-grain cereals, bagels and crackers. They offer many of the same benefits as fruits and vegetables.

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Weight Loss: It's a Family Affair celebrities stalker