The new Atkins diet: does it work?


Two women give their views on how good the new version is. OK, I’m on a diet, says Kathryn Flett . . . at the request of my bedroom mirror, which, unfathomably (notwithstanding middle age, two children, having given up smoking once-and-forever in January last year) has come over all funfair on me, revealing a waistline that is apparently Awol. All I can see is Patrick the Starfish from SpongeBob. I do not want to be a middle-aged, cross-dressing cartoon starfish, so as I weigh the same as I did when I was six months up-the-duff with what turned out to be a 10lb baby, a “diet” is sadly inevitable. But like any sane person, a) I hate dieting and, b) the “best”, ie, most “successful”, “diets” I have been on involved weapons-grade levels of emotional turmoil, with big portions of smoking-like-a-1970s-beagle on the side. I am very much of the life-is-too-short-not-to school of consumption.Related Topics: atkins diet plan,free atkins diet plan,dr atkins diet plan,atkins diet phase 1,atkins diet plan,atkins diet food list,atkins diet success stories,low carb foods,atkins diet recipes,atkins diet induction,low carb diet,the atkins diet plan,atkins diet plan menu

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The new Atkins diet: does it work? celebrities stalker