The Kind Diet Cookbook Review


This is a book I just heard about last week and hit “buy now” in 2.5 seconds. Why? Well, no doubt it has to be my admiration for the author, actress Alicia Silverstone in combination with my love for the topic… healthier food. I grew up watching and admiring Alicia and was super stoked to see that instead of becoming a Hollywood party girl she decided to use her stardom to do good things and support important causes. She became an animal rights activist and a vegan. She is also incredibly beautiful and if a picture says a thousand words than it surely says many hundred about how healthy and vibrant Alicia looks. Hair and nails say a lot of about a person’s inner health. Many times I see vegans with yellow, dingy nails or brittle straw hair but that is so not the case here. Alicia is the poster child for how a vegan can look and feel if they are doing it right. Alicia is vegan, she avoids processed foods and “white stuff”, she incorporates raw foods, and she eats in alignment with macrobiotics. She describes the entire journey in her book and it is fascinating.

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The Kind Diet Cookbook Review