Tantric Yoga Positions


Tantric yoga positions expand intimate possibilities for partners, and not just for sex.To Understand Tantra, Start with Kundalini In Sanskrit, the root of tantra is tan, which means, “to weave, expand, put forth.” The concept is that everything is interwoven: our relationships with each other, our experiences, and the universe, and we have the ability to expand on our connectedness. Tantra is not just about sex, although increased pleasure is certainly a healthy benefit to practicing tantric yoga. Tantra is derived from the more spiritual style of Kundalini yoga. Many of the poses used in Kundalini yoga can be considered tantric if you perform them simultaneously with a partner.Spirituality of the Body In Kundalini and Tantra, the belief is that the source of energy lies at the base of the spine. The goal is to channel this energy–the sexual and spiritual life force–throughout the rest of the body. This isn’t only about intercourse. tantric yoga tantric yoga positions tantric yoga video tantric yoga exercises white tantric yoga kundalini yoga tantric yoga postures tantric yoga classes tantric hatha yoga

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