Quick'n'Dirty Podcast: Health, Fitness and iPads


Running! Walking! Cycling! Sleeping! iPads! All of these things were discussed on last week’s Quick’n'Dirty Podcast, which focused on a central theme: fitness. How does the iPad fit in? Well, it doesn’t, but we did talk about it. And when I say “we”, I mean me and guest co-host Kyle Flaherty, as regular co-host Aaron Strout was off doing his globetrotting thing for work. The show started with a look at ChallengeApp, a pretty cool site that helps create and track challenges among friends. While Kyle tells the story of how he used ChallengeApp as part of marathon training, we don’t believe that challenges necessarily must be limited to fitness. Mario Kart challenge, anyone?. Related Topics:
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Quick'n'Dirty Podcast: Health, Fitness and iPads