Peace, Love, and Lowriders


I'm still doing Bikram Yoga, and that means I'm still hanging out with scantily dressed people. Which means I've been spending a lot of time looking at and appraising tattoos of all sizes, colors, and shapes. Did you know that there is a movie coming out soon called "Hot Tub Time Machine"? You can catch the trailer online. I will probably see it, as not only does it star John Cusack, whom I adore, but they also go back in time to the 1980's! Wow! That was so long ago. I was but a wee thing back then. Actually, that's not true. I lived through the 80's as a teenager. I can tell you every single video that appeared on MTV for years. I had bangs. But let's go back to the early 1990's, where this story takes place. 1993. I was 23 years old and living in San Francisco, two blocks from the intersection of Haight and Ashbury. In fact, during the nearly 10 years I lived in San Francisco (except for 9, not brief enough months living in a loft in Oakland) I always lived near the Haight. And no, not just because I spent quite a few summers wearing Indian cotton dresses at Grateful Dead concerts -- although I did have an anklet bracelet with bells on it.

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Peace, Love, and Lowriders celebrities stalker