New workout generating a lot of hoopla


Round and round go the pounds, according to hula hoop fitness instructor Allyson Makiej. Makiej is introducing students to hula hoop training as the latest exercise regimen targeted to tone muscles, gain balance and lose weight. Yoga, she said, plays a large part in her hula hoop exercise. “Yoga helps my students stretch themselves through a variety of positions. This stretching opens up the students. With this technique, one woman, who was 70, was able to get up from the stretching and be able to do the hula hoop. She couldn’t do it before the stretching,” she said. “I open up students in a nurturing kind of way, which is the opposite of what a lot of workouts are usually about.” Markiej, 46, is based in Lowell and has been training students in Westford and surrounding towns for the last two years. She uses a three-way approach to fitness: yoga, hula hoop movements and natural foods nutrition. “The combination of those three for me has been phenomenal,” she said. “When I teach these three things I feel as if I am teaching a Western take on Eastern philosophy. This lends itself to one-on-one sessions but I also do groups.”

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New workout generating a lot of hoopla celebrities stalker