New Atkins diet unhealthy, says Kiwi dietician


The new Atkins diet is not a healthy way to shed extra pounds, a Kiwi food expert has warned. The new version of Atkins, which is available in bookstores across New Zealand, modifies the low-carbohydrate regimen unveiled by Dr. Robert Atkins in 1972 for the 21st century.ver since it was launched, the four-phase Atkins Diet has been both popular and controversial.hile film stars like Renee Zellweger, Jennifer Aniston and Kim Cattrall followed the diet, which emphasises on high protein and minimum carbohydrate intake, to shed extra pounds, critics panned it for promoting meats and fats. While the new Atkins Diet is quite pro-veggie, it fails to convince Christchurch dietician Janice Bremer. “The ‘new’ diet might offer more varieties of foods but coloured vegetables, fruits, whole grains, dried beans and milk products are still severely restricted by the carbohydrate-counting rule,”. Related Topics: atkins diet plan,free atkins diet plan,dr atkins diet plan,atkins diet phase 1,atkins diet plan,atkins diet food list,atkins diet success stories,low carb foods,atkins diet recipes,atkins diet induction,low carb diet,the atkins diet plan,atkins diet plan menu

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New Atkins diet unhealthy, says Kiwi dietician celebrities stalker