Never Take Fitness Advice From the New York Times


The lead story in the New York Times Magazine's wellness issue this past weekend: "Does working out really help you lose weight?" A better question: Why doesn't the New York Times want to tell you the fitness truth?. This is hardly the first time the NYT has asked some slight variation of this maddening question. But this latest story clearly distilled these fundamental premises from which the journalism proceeds: 1. Weight loss is the goal towards which you should strive. 2. Exercise therefore has value to the extent it helps you lose weight. 3. Your goal is to become thin. Related Topics:fitness,fitness online,health fitness online,muscle fitness online,fitness personal trainer,fitness workout online,health nutrition fitness,health fitness diet,fitness exercises online,fitness losing weight,fitness ipad,fitness iphone,ipad,iphone

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Never Take Fitness Advice From the New York Times