Minnie Driver: 'Surfing and yoga are my religion'


Surfing and yoga are so much more than forms of exercise, they are a religion, according to actress Minnie Driver. Driver, who has appeared in films including Good Will Hunting and TV series such as Revisioned: Tomb Raider and Will and Grace, told website monstersandcritics.com that she cannot get by without riding the waves or practicing the Indian meditative poses. "My church is surfing and yoga. If I can get in a surf or practice yoga then I will. "Yoga's great for when you've got a full brain and can't stop the mind chatter," the 40-year-old said. Earlier this month, Marissa Campise, winner of Huffington Post Living's Total Energy Makeover, suggested in a piece for the newspaper that, to ensure she thinks clearly, she too dons her ladies yoga clothing and practices her favourite yoga poses. She said that the form of meditation helps to de-clutter her mind and improve her mental clarity.

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Minnie Driver: 'Surfing and yoga are my religion'