Jillian Michaels: Parents, Don't Be Like Me With Your Kids


As a brutally-tough trainer on NBC's The Biggest Loser, Jillian Michaels screams, bellows and generally terrifies fitness-challenged contestants. Harsh? Maybe. Effective? Definitely. So ParentDish asked the health-and-fitness guru how to shape up our families and overhaul our snack drawers. It's time for some tough love. ParentDish: What were you like as a little kid? We read that you were 175 lbs. at 5 feet tall. What were your eating/exercise habits like back then? Jillian Michaels: I was a very sensitive kid. The class loser all through junior high. The chubby ugly duckling that ate lunch alone every day. I ate all processed crap and used food for comfort. Microwave pancakes and sausage for breakfast. Pizza, Coke, potato boat for my school lunch. Related Topics: jillian michaels,jillian michaels diet drink,jillian michaels weight watchers,jillian michaels diet menu,jillian michaels lose weight fast,jillian michaels diet tips,jillian michaels calorie counter,jillian michaels shred diet,reviews of jillian michaels diet pills

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Jillian Michaels: Parents, Don't Be Like Me With Your Kids