Inmates Gets Time Off Sentences for Taking Yoga


Can downward dog transform murderers into model citizens?,That's the philosophy behind a program in India's state of Madhya Pradesh where prisons offer special yoga classes to the incarcerated. Instead of breaking rocks, they learn yoga positions, like the downward dog which is when a person gets on all fours and forms an inverted V by pushing their buttocks high into the air. For every one-to-three month program of yoga lessons completed, the prisoners receive a prison reduction of 15 days. Murderers and thieves learn to meditate and breathe from some of the world's best yoga instructors like Swami Ramdev. "So many of the prisoners have total life transformations and now they are very responsible citizens of the country and they become yoga teachers as well," said Ramdev through an interpreter. "They become the course of inspiration and respected citizens of their community."

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Inmates Gets Time Off Sentences for Taking Yoga celebrities stalker