High-Glycemic Foods Can Increase Heart Disease in Women


As if we didn’t already know that cake, cookies, and white bread are not the healthiest options for us to eat, a new study suggests that women’s hearts would be better off on a lower-carbohydrate, low-glycemic index diet. While the occasional slice of pie or dinner roll isn’t going to induce heart disease, limiting those refined carbs and sweet treats could help stave it off and help us live a longer, healthier life. An Italian research team, led by Sabina Sieri, Ph.D., surveyed 47,749 Italian adults for their dietary habits and followed them for an average of 7.9 years. During that time, 463 participants developed coronary heart disease. The researchers found the 25 percent of women who consumed the highest glycemic load were at 2.25 times greater risk for heart disease compared with the 25 percent eating the lowest glycemic load. glycemic index diet meal plan glycemic index weight loss plan glycemic index diet menu glycemic index lose weight glycemic index diets glycemic index weight watchers glycemic index diet food glycemic index weight loss glycemic index diabetic diet iphone diet ipad diet

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High-Glycemic Foods Can Increase Heart Disease in Women