Good nutrition a valuable tool in fighting cancer


In the book Foods that Fight Cancer, the authors (Richard Beliveau, PhD and Denis Gingras, PhD)) state that, in North America today, there are 10 million people living with cancer a staggering number by anyone's measure. When you consider the causes of cancer, as Beliveau and Gingras point out, only a minority of them (about 15 per cent) are due to hereditary factors. In addition to our genetic makeup, other risk factors that are responsible for 40 per cent of cancers include: pollution, drugs, UV ray exposure, obesity and lack of exercise, alcohol workplace-related exposure, and infection. So, what are the remaining risk factors? A staggering 30 per cent are attributable to smoking and the remaining 30 per cent are attributable to poor dietary habits. Think about this: if a person does not smoke and eats healthily, they have effectively cut their risk of cancer by a staggering 60 per cent. This is great news. glycemic index diet meal plan glycemic index weight loss plan glycemic index diet menu glycemic index lose weight glycemic index diets glycemic index weight watchers glycemic index diet food glycemic index weight loss glycemic index diabetic diet iphone diet ipad diet

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Good nutrition a valuable tool in fighting cancer celebrities stalker