Four Questions About Urban Tantra


Just as technique is never enough for great sex, a stellar curriculum isn't enough to make a great sex educator. It's hard for people who work in the sexuality helping professions to continue to grow personally and professionally. There's so much in place that makes it comfortable and convenient to do what we do and give little more than a token gesture to continuing education. Barbara Carrellas is an author, educator, performer. Over the years she has developed a particular (I'm going to say - and I mean this in a positive way - peculiar) way of approaching a wide range of work in sexuality, a practice she describes in her most recent book, Urban Tantra. What I appreciate about Barbara's work is more what I appreciate about her as a person than her particular curriculum. It's her generosity and interest in engaging a range of sexuality professionals. It's her ability to see connections where many of us don't, and encourage us to see them in ways that help us learn to do more, and do it better. She's also funny, without ever being mean or narrow minded, and a great presenter, two rare qualities in any teacher.

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Four Questions About Urban Tantra