Exercising your feet keeps you on your toes


Lack of foot strength and flexibility can contribute to fallen arches, ankle, knee, hip and back problems, pain and injury.Our feet are the most used and abused part of our body. Our feet are our foundation; they are built for energy propulsion and shock absorption of the entire body, yet we give them so little attention. As you get back to our fitness programs, take care of your feet so you can achieve your goals. Training the feet means strengthening and creating mobility of the toes, arch and ankle through exercises such as spreading the toes, flexing and pointing the foot, toe curls and picking up objects with your feet.

Watch small children and notice how their toes are constantly moving. Without training, we lose mobility and strength in our feet. The foot loses its ability to function appropriately. Train your feet by using tools such as marbles, sticks and tennis balls to build strength and flexibility. Training your feet and lower leg muscles is important when building strength for any standing exercise.

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Exercising your feet keeps you on your toes