Dread Is Martyrs for People on the Atkins Diet


The latest After Dark Horrorfest could stand to dig (its knife) a little deeper. There have been two After Dark Horrorfest movies where the sadistic mastermind's true motives are in trying to prove a point. In both movies, that point is something about human behavior. The first movie that tries to do this is Kill Theory, which I thought was well done. The second of these movies is Dread. In the same vain as Martyrs, Dread's psychological (then physical) trauma inflicted on the victims is done to prove a point. While Martyrs went beyond the limit, Dread goes a tad lite on the issue. Yes, I'm actually calling Dread a diet version of Martyrs. The story revolves around Stephen (Twilight hearthrob/current racebending offender, Jackson Rathbone) a college student who decides to do his thesis on dread, or what people fear the most. Related Topics: atkins diet plan,free atkins diet plan,dr atkins diet plan,atkins diet phase 1,atkins diet plan,atkins diet food list,atkins diet success stories,low carb foods,atkins diet recipes,atkins diet induction,low carb diet,the atkins diet plan,atkins diet plan menu

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Dread Is Martyrs for People on the Atkins Diet