Bikram offers hotter option to everyday yoga


Sweltering temperatures, dripping sweat and the hum of practiced breathing invigorate the senses inside Bikram Yoga College of India’s Flagstaff studio. Bikram yoga is a unique form of exercise consisting of a series of 26 poses performed in a heated room to allow one’s entire body to become calescent. Experienced practitioners claim maintaining at least 105-degree room temperatures allows for deeper stretching and detoxing of the body through the opening of pores. Yogiraj Bikram Choudhury began the practice in India and later brought his methods to the rest of the world. Choudhury’s “Hot Yoga” has become a worldwide sensation, with studios in nations including Argentina and the United Arab Emirates. It is even gaining a following among NAU students. Scott Bateman, a junior psychology major, said he tried Bikram for the first time to satiate his desire for an experience that would both challenge his body and his mind. “I’ve done medium to advanced yoga classes before, and they don’t even compare to Bikram,” Bateman said. “Afterward, besides being super sweaty, your muscles will be extremely relaxed, and you’ll be centered both physically and mentally.”

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Bikram offers hotter option to everyday yoga celebrities stalker