5 factor diet


In the Beginning...

The 5-Factor Diet was originally created for celebrities. Harley was challenged to create brief (yet incredibly effective) workouts for actors, while training them during their short breaks on movie sets. In addition, he needed to create healthy meals in a matter of minutes (literally), using simple ingredients (the fewer the better) that could fit in the mini fridge on a set. Oh, and did we mention that he was relying on a blender and toaster oven for the mixing, blending, and cooking? Harley's clients were eating five times a day, cutting the length of their workouts, and transforming their bodies! As the saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention.
The Online "Factor"
Harley has taken his celebrity-approved diet, and turned it into an interactive and customized online program. Studies show that people who participate in online weight-loss programs lose more weight than those who go it alone. The 5-Factor Diet Online tools are designed to help you stay motivated, feel in control, and track your progress.
Weight Loss Made Easy…

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