400 Calorie diet for Weight loss!


Most people would like to look slim and trim but want the easy way out. Now there is a diet which promises to help get rid of excess weight in a very short time. The 400 calorie fix is claiming to be the ultimate diet that allows you to eat your favorite foods and yet lose weight. The vendors of this 400-calorie diet say this is not a gimmick but the best and most effective diet with guaranteed results. Prevention magazine which has the diet plan says the diet plan prevents hunger pangs and lets your body quickly adapt to less food.

The diet plan has hundred of recipes on what you can eat anytime and anywhere. Another great feature of the diet plan is exercise. While the exact details have not been released as to the type of exercise, the inventors of this diet claim that even simple walking will suffice.

On the 400 calorie diet you can eat a hearty breakfast, some fruit during lunch and a light salad in the evening.

For those of you do not know what 400 calories, is; here are some examples. You eat a granola bar in the morning, a tiny salad at noon and an orange for dinner.

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400 Calorie diet for Weight loss! celebrities stalker