Rumored Verizon iPhone will be crippled on CDMA


Despite the fact that rumors about a Verizon iPhone have recently gathered momentum, especially with The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) fervently publishing a series of articles about the iPhone’s CDMA version, tech experts are of the opinion that the prospective Verizon iPhone will be crippled. According to PCMag’s David Murphy, people who have certain knowledge of mobile technology will know that the CDMA network, which Verizon runs, presently has a limitation that it does not allow for simultaneous data and voice transfers – an advantage that the GSM network of US’ sole iPhone holder, AT&T, boasts. While the GSM network of AT&T currently allows the iPhone to enjoy the privilege of talking to their friends as well as surfing the web at the same time; the rumored Verizon iPhone will permit the users to either use the voice or the data feature at any given time, not both. Even though the WSJ reports say that Verizon intends incorporating the simultaneous voice and data accessibility into its network at some point in the future, there has been no official disclosure about the carrier’s timeline

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Rumored Verizon iPhone will be crippled on CDMA