Rumored Verizon iPhone crippled on CDMA … for now


Verizon's to-be-announced iPhone, which is still just a series of unending rumors at this point, is going to be crippled if it actually debuts on Verizon's CDMA network as-is. The Wall Street Journal is continuing its Verizon iPhone madness coverage with the news, which should come as no surprise to anyone with the slightest bit of mobile technical knowledge. Here's the deal. Verizon—right now—operates a CDMA cell phone network across the United States. AT&T, the sole holder of the iPhone at this point, runs a GSM network—Global System for Mobile Communication, for short. Without getting too far into the technical aspects of each mobile standard, it's enough to know that CDMA doesn't allow for simultaneous data and voice transfers. GSM does, which means that AT&T iPhone users can currently enjoy the privilege of talking to their friends and surfing the web, if they so desire. Were the iPhone to be released on Verizon's network today, that would be an impossibility—it's voice or data at any given time, not both.

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Rumored Verizon iPhone crippled on CDMA … for now