5 Things The iPhone 4G Will Inherit From Apple iPad


The iPad has been launched last week and already, we can expect Apple to look forward to the next massive product launch, the one that will come in June (or July) and which will see the launch of the device is commonly known as the iPhone 4G. And one can be sure that there will be some aspects of the iPad that will trickle down to the iPhone 4G especially as Apple's tablet was given some very special treatment by the engineers at the Cupertino-based company. Here are the five iPad technologies which we think will be adopted by the iPhone 4G when it is launched later this year. (1) A Large Screen The Apple iPhone 3GS kept the same screen size (3.5-inch) as the two previous generations. We can't help but believe that Apple will this time, slightly bump the screen size of its smartphone to match the screen size of its contemporary competitors (like the 4.3-inch size of the HTC Touch HD). We expect it to be at least 4-inch in diagonal). But then, Apple might have to make the iPhone screen more "square" to accommodate for the 4:3 screen size format of the iPad or require that developers do some serious tweaking to their apps

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5 Things The iPhone 4G Will Inherit From Apple iPad celebrities stalker