Kat Dennings' Nude Photos Have Hit The Internet Again!


But did they ever really go away?
Chock this one up to a bit of wishful thinking and a game of Internet tag! (Remember when it was telephone tag because we didn't have the Internet? Hello? Anyone born before 1990?)
We had heard rumbling that one of our fave ladies was involved in yet another nude picture leak scare. However, one simple Google search for "Kat Dennings naked pics" determined no — they've been floating around the interweb since someone initially uploaded them in November of 2010.
So what's the big deal that they've been spotted again?
Maybe because Kat is much more famous now because she's the star of CBS' 2 Broke Girls.

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Q&A: Chicago native Nadine Velazquez of 'Flight'


Here’s something you may not expect to hear from “Flight” co-star Nadine Velazquez, who’s often included on lists with “hottest” or “sexiest” in the title. “I just didn’t want to be a face that you see and make fun of,” says Velazquez of her hesitation toward breaking into film. “People like to get critical and they say, ‘Oh, she’s not pretty enough to be in film.’ ‘She shouldn’t be in film.’ ‘She can’t act.’ I didn’t want all those things to be said about me with my experiences in film, so for a long time I wouldn’t go out for it if I didn’t feel like I couldn’t handle it.”Clearly the 33-year-old actress, who grew up just outside Oak Park and also appears on FX’s comedy “The League,” has gotten over that. In “Flight,” opening Friday, Velazquez plays Katerina, a flight attendant who provides an emotional anchor for heroic, alcoholic pilot Whip (Denzel Washington)—and opens the film fully naked in a hotel room with her colleague, post-knocking boots.

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Snack Company Says It Lost $20 Million After Starbucks Allegedly Broke Contract


A snack company based in Carlsbad, Calif., is claiming Starbucks breached a contract with it, leading it to struggle financially.

Eleven shareholders of Mellace Family Brands (MFB), which produced Mama Mellace's Chocolate and Mama Mellace's Organics snacks, among others, filed a lawsuit last week against Starbucks Corporation, saying complaints from Starbucks about Mellace products were actually due to a gas leak at a Starbucks facility. The shareholders allege that because of Starbucks' breach of contract, the company has suffered damages "in an amount to be proved at trial including, but not limited to, costs of business improvement, ongoing lost business while operating and foreseeable lost future profits, all in an amount exceeding $20 million." Zack Hutson, spokesman for Starbucks Coffee Company, said the company had discontinued business with Mellace Family Brands due to "ongoing quality issues." Hutson said Starbucks chooses its suppliers, of which it has 14,000 globally, by inspecting their "quality, service and value." "We're committed to meeting and exceeding the high expectations of our customers," Hutson said.

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Glasses Made Selena Gomez 'Very Embarrassed'


Selena Gomez revealed to Twist magazine that she's very embarrassed being seen with glasses on her hit Disney series "Wizards of Waverly Place" set. Other celebrities may love to wear glasses, but Disney star Selena Gomez once felt insecure about wearing glasses. The 16-year-old girl has revealed to Twist magazine that she was very embarrassed being seen with glasses while on her popular Disney series "Wizards of Waverly Place" set. "I got glasses just before I started filming the first season of Wizards. I was insecure because I was just getting used to everybody," said the teen actress, who is rumored to be dating Jonas Brothers' Nick Jonas. "So, I was was very embarrassed." But Selena then knew glasses are not something that she should be embarrassed about. She added to the magazine, "But now I know it's something I have to wear, so why should I be embarrassed about it? I just let it go!" It's previously been reported that Selena Gomez has also told Twist that she fears getting cheated on by a boyfriend. "Cheating is a fear of mine," the actress spilled to the mag."

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SNL Miley Cyrus Show: Obnoxiously Awesome


This past weekend Saturday Night Live brought us the super annoying Miley Cyrus Show and we loved it. "I got guests and a show and am ready to go so I guess that's pretty cool, it's pretty cool," la, la, la! We can't quit singing this contagious ditty from the opening sequence of the Miley Cyrus Show on Saturday Night Live. Since we think Miley needs to bring it down a notch, we're in love with this clip and think that SNL newcomer comedienne Vanessa Bayer definitely nails her impersonation. Just watch for yourself as we get an exaggerated (or not) version of the Disney star. Big points to actor Bryan Cranston for doing a great Billy Ray Cyrus, too.

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